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Escape room real life quest is a form of entertainment, popular all over the world, which is for the first time offered in Varna.

You and your teammates will be locked in a room full of challenges. You will have only 60 minutes get out of the room. You must find hidden clues and keys, to solve puzzles, to move forward quickly and to be able to exit before minutes have elapsed.

Do you think you can handle it? - BOOK!

Office of Major Petkov (Part 2)

Escape Room Varna

It's 1980. Major Petkov is enjoying his holiday on the beach, but secret documents and a dangerous weapon are stolen from the Varna Naval Base, and this can tip the balance in the ongoing Cold War. Finding himself in the thick of the action, the Major immediately takes on the case. He discovers that there is a double agent in the base, working for CIA. There are several suspects and the Major needs to unveil the traitor, and recover the hidden weapon. Time is running out!


Do you think you can handle it? - BOOK!
Address: St St Constantine And Helena, Open Air Cinema Theater Varna, near hotel "Admiral", Navalrest base. Map


Escape Quest Varna - Laboratory

"The beast is in me. I can't... I can not control it already. I hide the key, dial a code. Do you read this Hyde? I will not go! I will not pollute again my hands and my soul..."

These are the last words of the famous Dr. Jekyll, which are scrawled in illegible handwriting in the notebook. The door is already slammed behind you, and the key is hidden by the genius. Dr. Jekyll has fled from his own madness. Can you solve the puzzle of poor Dr. Jekyll?

You have one hour to get out.
Do you think you can handle it? - BOOK!
(*Suitable for all languages.)


Dream of daltonian

Quest Dream of daltonian

Odan is a holder of a financial empire with unlimited possibilities. There is no unattainable goals and unrealized dreams for him, except for one - to enjoy the beauty of the world, all colorful things are black&white for him.

Odan spends a lot of time sleeping. Why? There is something which keeps him there!

Your goal is to get straight into his mind to wake him up, because he has a cure for it. Colorful world is waiting for him.
Do you think you can handle it? – BOOK!
(*Suitable for all languages.)



Quest Prohibition

Haven't you thought secretly what it feels like to be a gangster? This story will take you back in Chicago, 30s, and will give you that chance.

The location is on the beach in Varna, bar "Menthol".

Do you think you can handle it? – BOOK!
(*Suitable for all languages.)



Room 13

Quest Room 13

The Parker Family decides to move into a new house. Everything is great until Friday 13 when the little daughter Layla decides to go to the loft. She goes but never comes back. She became a victim of an evil witch. The witch has kidnapped 12 little girls and turned them into dolls. Layla is gonna be the 13th victim, but she still has chance to be saved. Your mission is to find a spell which is gonna save the little girl from the evil witch.

Do you think you can handle it? – BOOK!
(*Suitable for all languages.)



The mystery of the Thracians

The mystery of the Thracians

Doctor J. Atanasov has kept the mystery of the Thracians from his enemies for many years. Now it’s time for him to find a follower. Before he suddenly disappears he encodes a secret message, which only the dignified ones can solve. They must protect the mystery! If it ends in the wrong hands the consequences could be disastrous.

Do you think you can handle it? – BOOK!
(*Suitable for all languages.)



Q. How can I participate?
A. Please choose convenient time from Calendar and fill in our reservation form. Required fields:
- Name;
- Quantity of people;
- Date and time;
- Phone number.

Q. Can I participate alone or do I need a team?
A. Team from 2 to 5 members can play in Escape Room Varna.
Chances to get out from Escape Room are higher for teams with more participants.

Q. Do you accept large groups of people?
A. Yes, we accept large groups, if the group is divided into few small groups (up to 5 players) for the convenience of the participants. One group can play and the rest can wait their turn in our comfort reception.

Q. Can I buy a gift voucher for a game?
A. Yes, you can. You can pay for a selected quantity of players and we will give you appropriate voucher. It can be used within the calendar year after making a reservation.

Q. Can I cancel a booking with voucher and get my money back?
A. No.

Q. Can children take part in Escape Room game?
A. Yes, but always accompanied by an adult. The room is suitable for a family game, but it is recommended for children only older than 10 years. Game will not produce the desired interest for younger children.

Q. How long is the game?
A. Escape Quest takes 60 minutes or less. Please arrive at least 15 minutes, before the start of your booked time.

Q. Can I leave the room whenever I want?
A. Yes, you can. Room has button "panic". Press "panic" button anytime and you will get out, and the other participants can continue the game.

Q. Is the room suitable for Team Building?
A. Yes, the room is very suitable for this purpose. Solving puzzles requires ingenuity, observation and compulsory team spirit.

Q. Is the room suitable for Birthdays?
A. Yes, the room is very suitable for Birthdays in small companies (10-15 people). We have a cozy reception (see gallery) where you can relax with a drink, while your friends are playing or while waiting for your turn to come. Shared adrenaline and emotion of this unusual experience will make for you memorable feast.

Reservations and Prices

Room can be booked in the following way:

Select appropriate for you day and time from the calendar("Office of Major Petkov", "Laboratory", "Dream of Daltonian", "Prohibition", "Room 13", "The mystery of the Thracians") and fill in our reservation form.
Required fields:
- Name;
- Quantity of people;
- Date and time;
- Phone number.

We ask all, who have kept time for the game in our rooms, but unable to appear for a reservation, to inform us at least one day before the time for the game via email info@escaperoomvarna.com or phone numbers +359-888-708-096; +359-882-905-711!
Thank you in advance for your honesty and responsiveness!

Prices for "Room 13"
13 lv for person
Book "Room 13" here!
Prices for "Prohibition"
13 lv for person
Book "Prohibition" here!
The location is on the beach in Varna, bar "Menthol".
Prices for "Office of Major Petkov"
10 lv for person
Book "Office of Major Petkov" here!
The location is here.
Prices for "Laboratory"
10 lv for person
Book "Laboratory" here!


Varna, Dragoman 27
: Escape Room Quest

Rooms: Laboratory, Daltonist, Room 13

Room: Prohibition