Escape Room Varna

The first live quest in Varna

Do you want to leave your everyday life, to enter another world, a parallel reality? Everything stays out. Inside, you and your team are in the enclosed room for an hour in a labyrinth of puzzles and puzzles. The only purpose for you - to open the door and feel the freedom again.



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This is an adventure for a group of 2 to 6 people. Quitting through the quest does not require erudition or physical strength, but you need to show logical thinking and attention to detail. Just as in a computer game, but in this case in a real room with tangible objects.

Your task

Get out of the room you've been locked in. To do this, you will have to solve conundrums, explore hideouts, use hints correctly, and ultimately get keys to unlock the doors.
Will you succeed!
You are obliged!
You have no other way out.

Duration of Quest

60minutes - is the time that usually goes through the quest. Such time is also provided for the rooms of Escape Room Varna

Number of players

Simultaneous participation in the quest decision can take from 2 to 6 people


The artifacts are safe, the rooms are spacious, the operators are trained and will help you just when you completely err.

Age of Players

The minimum age of the players is 14 years. In this case, the player can only take part with an adult.

Using a tooltip

The hints are allowed on 45 and 55 minutes.

Personal belongings

Intuition, attention and logic attention to detail - Your main assistants, and the rest put in a storage rack

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How can I participate?

By making a reservation, select the convenient time for the schedule and fill out our booking form. We need the following information
- name;
- number of participants;
- date and time of participation,
- a telephone for feedback.

Can I participate by myself or should I have a team?

At least two people are involved. You can join another participant or make a team. The team can participate in the 5 player.
The chances for teams with more players to go out are greater.

Do you accept large groups of people?

Yes, if the group is divided into smaller groups (up to 5-6 player) for the convenience of the participants.

Can you buy a gift voucher?

Yes. You have to pay for the number of players you have chosen and we will issue you the appropriate voucher. It can be used within the calendar year after making a reservation.

Can I cancel my booking and get my money back?


Can children participate?

Yes, but necessarily with an escort. The room is suitable for family play but we recommend that children be no less than 10g. because it may not cause the desired interest.

How long does the game continue?

60 or less minutes. Please come at least 15min. before the start of your time.

Can I get out of the room when I wish?


Is the Teambuilding Room Appropriate?

Yes, the room is extremely suitable for the purpose. Solving puzzles requires resourcefulness, observation and a mandatory team spirit.

Is it appropriate for birthdays?

Yes, for small companies (10-15ch). We have a cozy reception room (see gallery) where you can relax with a drink in hand while your friends are playing or while waiting for your turn to come. Shared adrenaline and emotions from this unconventional experience will make your holiday unforgettable.

Reservations and prices

Reservation can only be made through our booking form.

The room is booked according to the following scheme:

Choose the day and time of your calendar ("The Dultonist's Sleep", "Laboratory", State Security, Room 13 or The Secret of the Thracians) and fill in the following information:
- name;
- number of participants;
- date and time of participation,
- telephone and e-mail for feedback.

We ask all those who have booked a time in our rooms but are unable to appear for their reservation to inform us at least one day before the e-mail play time: or on the phone listed
Thank you in advance for your honesty and responsiveness!

Prices for "Major Returns - State Security 2"
10 BGN per person
BOOK "State Security 2" here!
Address: Varna, Dragoman 27 Street,

Prices for "Laboratory"
10 BGN per person
Address: Varna, Dragoman 27 Street,

Prices for "Daltonist's Dream"
10 BGN per person
Address: Varna, Dragoman 27 Street,

Prices for "Dry Mode"
13Lev. per person
BOOK "Dry Mode" here!
Address: Varna, Bar "Mentol" / Seafront promenade /

Prices for "Room 13
13Lev. per person
BOOK "13 Room" here!
Address: Varna, Dragoman 27 Street,

Prices for "The Thracian Secret"
20 per person
BOOK THE "Secret of the Thracians" here!
Address: Varna, Dragoman 27 Street,